我们很高兴地宣布,Vultr 现已在巴西圣保罗上市。这特别令人兴奋,因为这是我们在南美洲的第一个云数据中心位置,并且因为我们知道有多少开发商和企业希望我们在那里开展业务。

事实上,我们在巴西已有多年客户。例如,SeguroLink是一个客户,它创建了一个经纪和保险多计算系统,消除了各种手动任务。以下是他们的首席执行官雅克·德波卡斯 (Jacques Depocas) 关于他的公司与 Vultr 的经历所说的话:

“SeguroLink 于 2016 年开始运营,几乎从一开始就一直与 Vultr 合作。Vultr 一直是我们不断增长的业务不可或缺的一部分。我们一直对高水平的服务和及时的客户服务感到非常满意。有问题。”


我们鼓励巴西(或世界任何地方)的托管服务提供商和经销商加入 Vultr 合作伙伴计划.

开发者可以在这里注册试用 Vultr并在 60 秒内部署一个实例。有兴趣讨论更大的云迁移的企业可以联系 Vultr 销售人员进行免费咨询。

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We are pleased to announce that Vultr is now available in São Paulo, Brazil. This is particularly exciting because it is our first cloud data center location in South America, and because we know just how much developers and businesses have wanted us to have a presence there.

In fact, we have had customers in Brazil for many years. For example, SeguroLink is a customer that has created a brokerage and insurance multi-calculation system that eliminates various manual tasks. Here’s what their CEO, Jacques Depocas, had to say regarding his company's experience with Vultr:

"SeguroLink started its operations in 2016 and has been working with Vultr almost since the beginning. Vultr has been an integral part of our growing business. We have always been very satisfied with the high level of service and the promptness of the customer service whenever we have had issues.”

Today, for our Brazil location, you can select from either our standard Cloud Compute instances or our High Frequency Compute instances for even more performance.

We encourage managed service providers and resellers within Brazil (or anywhere in the world) to join the Vultr Partner Program.

Developers can sign up to try Vultr here and deploy an instance in under 60 seconds. Businesses interested in discussing larger cloud migrations can contact Vultr sales for a free consultation.