你好!我们很高兴地宣布 Vultr 云计算现已在墨西哥城推出。墨西哥城是全球19 个 Vultr数据中心之一。


我们的一位客户Espacios de México多年来一直使用 Vultr,但直到现在还无法在其本国部署云服务器。以下是Espacios 的云顾问 Israel Hernandez对 Vultr 的评论:

“自 2017 年以来,我们一直在使用 Vultr 来支持我们的托管服务。我们发现 Vultr 非常可靠,并且在价格和性能方面无与伦比。我们在墨西哥的客户将对他们将体验到的更低延迟感到兴奋Vultr 机器现在在墨西哥城运行。”


我们鼓励托管服务提供商和经销商在墨西哥(或其他地区)加入 Vultr 合作伙伴计划。

开发人员可以在这里注册试用 Vultr并在 60 秒内部署一个实例,或者有兴趣讨论更大的云迁移的企业可以联系 Vultr 销售人员进行免费咨询。



¡Hola! We’re excited to announce that Vultr cloud computing is now available in Mexico City. Mexico City is one of 19 Vultr data center locations globally.

This is our first location within a principally Spanish-speaking country, and we’re eager to empower entrepreneurs, developers, and businesses who are local to the region with easy-to-use, high performance cloud computing.

One of our customers, Espacios de México, has used Vultr for years, but until now has never been able to deploy cloud servers in their home country. Here’s what Israel Hernandez, Cloud Consultant at Espacios, had to say regarding Vultr:

"We’ve been using Vultr to power our hosting services since 2017. We’ve found Vultr to be highly reliable, and unmatched in terms of price and performance. Our customers within Mexico are going to be excited by the lower latencies they will experience with Vultr machines now running in Mexico City.”

Today, you can select from either our standard Cloud Compute instances or our High Frequency Compute instances with even more performance. And, over the coming weeks we will be improving our peering to enhance connectivity to other local networks.

We encourage managed service providers and resellers within Mexico (or other regions) to join the Vultr Partner Program.

Developers can sign up to try Vultr here and deploy an instance in under 60 seconds, or businesses interested in discussing larger cloud migrations can contact Vultr sales for a free consultation.